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For maximum reliability, Exelgreen manufactures its synthetic grass almost exclusively in Belgium, in one of Europe's leading carpet factories, with a modern production facility of over 200,000 m2. Discover the secrets behind the manufacture of our yarn by watching the following videos. Exelgreen and the LANO factory are proud to have been partners for many years, producing top-quality synthetic grass.

The manufacture of our yarn

Wire extrusion

Yarn extrusion is the processing of polyethylene into granules, the basic material for artificial grass. Polyethylene is used for the high yarn, while polypropylene is generally used for thes  crimped yarn of artificial grass.

The curly wires are designed to add thickness to the artificial grasand give it an even more natural look, depending on the color. This gives artificial grass an earthy or light green effect.

Depending on the model of artificial grass you choose, several densities are available. Density can vary according to the height of the strands, the fineness of the strands and the quality of the model chosen.

Exelgreen factory



Once the strands have been stretched, they are woven to form spools of rolls and stored on large racks before being installed in industrial tufting machines.

The manufacture of synthetic grass is very similar to the manufacture of floor coverings such as carpets, but at Exelgreen we take great care in selecting the components of our yarns to produce synthetic grass of exceptional quality.

The manufacture of our synthetic grass


Once Exelgreen yarn has been produced, it's time for the tufting stage. This stage involves using the tufting machine to fill in the strands and create the different types of strands (long, short, curly, etc.).

The strands are sewn to the base of the backing and cut to the desired height. This is the stage in the manufacture of synthetic grass that gives it its final shape. At Exelgreen, you'll find artificial grass in heights ranging from 20 to 50 mm, with varying degrees of density and several shades of green. 

Our "3D" yarn technology, which includes the Diamond 3D and Real models, is composed of a blend of 3 yarns in different colors and shapes. This innovative technology makes our synthetic grass ultra-realistic.




Now that the synthetic grass strands are securely sewn together, the final step is to coat the back of the synthetic grass to reinforce the attachment of the strands.

This step ensures that the turf will resist tearing over time. The coating used is latex-based and is dark gray or brown in color.

Baking is an essential stage in the manufacture of synthetic grass, as it ensures long-lasting, solid synthetic grass.


The rolls are then packaged, stored and protected at the Exelgreen factory. Finally, our rolls of synthetic grass are carefully cut to size to offer our customers a quality service, before being delivered throughout France and the Benelux countries to the delight of our customers.

Our widths are fixed, but we can supply rolls up to 30m long ! Since we opened our doors, over 50,000 customers have put their trust in us for their grassing projects, so why not join us ?


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