Artificial grass and child resistance : What are the advantages and disadvantages of artificial grass ?

Artificial grass and child resistance : What are the advantages and disadvantages of artificial grass ?

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Wondering how to save time and make your garden safer for your children ? We understand how precious your garden is, as it's a place where the whole family can relax and reconnect. But tending a garden takes time, and pesticides are no friend of our children. In this article, we explore the pros and cons of an artificial lawn.

Summary : 

1. Why does artificial grass save you time as a parent ?
2. Why is artificial grass safe for children and pets ?
3. Is artificial grass easy to install ?
4. What if it rains? Can my children enjoy artificial turf ?
5. How do I choose the ideal artificial grass for my children's safety ? 

Why does artificial grass save you time as a parent ?

As working parents, time is a precious resource, and every minute counts. That's why we turn to intelligent solutions to simplify our daily lives. Artificial turf is one such solution, offering much more than an easy-to-maintain lawn.

It's hard-wearingdurable and long-lasting, so your children can play on their playground in complete safety. Manufactured from polyethylene and polypropylene, we test all our products to ensure that they comply with the most stringent standards. These materials are non-toxic and highly resistant. Our artificial grass doesn't need watering to remain impeccable and beautiful all year round.Thanks to artificial grass, there will be no traces of mud or slippery areas in your garden. So your children can play on your artificial lawn without risking injury.

Our artificial grass doesn't need watering to keep it looking perfect and beautiful all year round. Artificial grass is therefore an ideal covering if you want to save time in your daily life, especially as a parent. Artificial grass doesn't need mowing, watering or fertilizing, so you won't have to worry about gardening to keep your lawn looking beautiful. 

Artificial grass garden

Why is artificial grass safe for children and pets ?

As explained above, artificial grass materials are non-toxic and REACH-compliant. What's more, landscaping with artificial grass provides an even, stable surface, reducing the risk of tripping and slipping.

So your children and even your pets can enjoy it in complete safety. Our artificial grass is very soft, resistant to tearing and resilient, making it easy to maintain. You're never safe from a little everyday accident, but it's easy to clean your artificial grass.

During installation, you may find strands from other artificial lawns in our factory. Don't hesitate to brush your artificial grass vigorously during installation to remove them. Some of our customers vacuum their lawns when the surface allows.

In general, a little soapy water is all that's needed, and in no time at all your artificial grass will be back to its original glory. Artificial grass offers peace of mind for parents and a truly comfortable playground for children and pets. Thanks to their shock-absorbing properties, many local authorities, such as kindergartens and campsites, use artificial grass for children's play areas. Why shouldn't you ?

Artificial grass in an enclosed garden

Is artificial grass easy to install ?

artificial turf garden and children's playground

One of the notable advantages of artificial grass is its ease of installation. For busy parents juggling a thousand and one tasks, this ease of installation is a major advantage. Unlike natural grass, which requires weeks of preparation, seeding and maintenance, artificial grass can be installed in record time. All you have to do is choose the artificial grass model you like, measure your plot in its entirety, order it with the accessories and wait for your artificial grass to be delivered.

For a garden, we advise you to fix your artificial grass with grappling hooks and, for incomparable comfort, to choose an artificial grass measuring between 38 and 50 mm in height. In just a few days, your garden will be transformed into a place of well-being for the whole family !

And that's not all : once installed, artificial grass is immediately ready for use. Your children can run, play, jump and explore without waiting for the grass to grow. No more long waiting periods and no more being denied access to the garden. Little adventurers can enjoy their outdoor play area from day one. So you can offer your children a safe outdoor space where they can play in complete freedom.

If you want to install your artificial grass easily, it's essential to prepare the soil so that it lasts. Whether on hard or soft ground, it's important to lay your artificial grass on ground that's as flat as possible, clean and free of weeds. On soft ground, don't forget to install your geotextile to prevent weeds from growing back. On hard ground, make sure that water drains properly to avoid unwanted stagnation. Make sure you unroll all your rolls of artificial grass in the same direction, from your main vantage point. Fix your artificial grass to the soil all around the perimeter, brush it and you and your children will be able to enjoy it straight away ! 

What if it rains ? Can my children enjoy the artificial lawn ?

Contrary to popular belief, your children will be able to enjoy their garden in spite of the rain. Our artificial lawns have been designed to drain away rainwater even in the heaviest downpours. This means that even in the pouring rain, your garden remains safe and usable for your children. Forget about persistent puddles, or the build-up of slippery mud in your garden !

It's also a time-saver for busy parents, as your children won't have to worry about staining themselves before entering your home. Another advantage is that artificial grass dries more quickly than natural grass, so your children can have fun in complete safety, whatever the season !

The only recommendation : in the event of frost, we advise you to avoid walking on your artificial grass to avoid damaging the strands, or if you have no choice, to remove the excess beforehand with a rubber shovel.

Artificial grass and children's playground

Whether it's raining or not, maintaining your artificial grass requires very little time and very little energy. Sometimes, to restore its full volume after a heavy rain, a simple brushing is all that's needed. If you or your children accidentally spill a glass, or your pet urinates on it, simply use a little soapy water to clean the area. Maintaining a beautiful artificial lawn has never been so easy ! 

How do I choose the ideal artificial grass for my children's safety ?

Choosing the ideal artificial grass for the whole family may seem complicated, but don't panic, we're here to help. Here is a list of important criteria to consider when making your choice :

Strand height : You can choose between short, medium or long strands. Short artificial grass will be easier to maintain, but if you want to give your children a lot of softness, medium to long blades will be more suitable.

Softness : If your children love to play barefoot, this is a factor not to be overlooked. Many models combine softness and resilience : the perfect combination for a pleasant, maintenance-free artificial grass.

Color : At Exelgreen, we offer several shades of green to appeal to as many people as possible, as well as more pronounced realism depending on the range and model chosen. For a highly realistic synthetic turf, our premium range is sure to win you over.

Warranty : This is an important factor that also determines the price differences between our artificial turfs. You can choose between a 6, 8 or 10-year warranty. Our warranties are proof that our artificial grass will not fade in the sun for the length of time you choose.

Resilience : Resilience refers to the ability of the blades to bounce back after you or your children have stepped on them. If your children love to play soccer, or you plan to walk on it a lot, we recommend choosing an artificial grass with good resilience. Often, our permanent range of lawns will be more suitable if there's a lot of foot traffic. 

children's slide and artificial grass

Whether you want to create a safe play area for your children, a relaxing space for the whole family, or simply a magnificent lawn that remains impeccable all year round, artificial grass offers a solution that combines practicality, aesthetics and relaxation. So let yourself be tempted and discover our permanent and clearance ranges, and transform your garden into a place where unforgettable memories are created for you and your loved ones !

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