Artificial grass and the Rugby World Cup : design your outdoor spaces like the pros !

Artificial grass and the Rugby World Cup : design your outdoor spaces like the pros !

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The Rugby World Cup 2023 is here ! It's the perfect opportunity to make the most of this sporting event in your garden or outdoor spaces. Imagine being able to support your favorite team on a warm, comfortable surface ! Are you still unsure about your choice of artificial grass? In this blog article, our experts answer your questions about our artificial turf products. 3,2,1 and go !

Summary : 

1. You can have a rugby pitch at home with Exelgreen artificial grass !
2. Low-maintenance, so you can enjoy the Rugby World Cup with complete peace of mind.
3. Are there differences between sport and ornamental artificial grass ?
4. How can I optimize my outdoor spaces with artificial grass ?

You can have a rugby field at home with Exelgreen artificial grass !

If you want to take advantage of the Rugby World Cup 2023 to relax with friends in your garden, there's nothing better than Exelgreen artificial grass. Our synthetic lawns are first and foremost aesthetically pleasing (emphasis on realism counts), with several levels of softness, comfort, density and UV guarantees. Our artificial grass is a hard-wearing surface that can transform your garden into the ideal playground for rugby, soccer and even golf.

To create a rugby pitch at home, there are several choices of strand heights. If you want to create a garden that looks like a professional sports field, and feel at home with friends and family, strand heights between 30 and 40 mm are ideal for combining comfort, aesthetics and easy maintenance.

On the other hand, if you're passionate about sports like golf, a short strand height of between 5 and 20 mm will be perfect for your training sessions.

Click here if you'd like to see some of our work for sporting events on various playing fields.

artificial grass rugby pitch

Minimal maintenance to enjoy the Rugby World Cup with complete peace of mind

For rugby fans, maintaining a natural grass field can be a time-consuming process, with the risk of not being ready for the Rugby Cup ! The minimalist maintenance of a fake lawn is clearly one of its most predominant advantages. Forget all the chores associated with gardening, watering and picking up grass once it's been cut. Your artificial grass will remain intact, well-maintained and impeccable all year round !

Greening your garden with quality artificial turf is therefore an excellent idea for enjoying your matches and supporting your favorite teams in complete peace of mind.

Would you like to organize a match with friends yourself ? No problem ! Once the game's over, just grab your push broom and straighten the blades of artificial grass as and when you see fit, and that's all there is to it ! If one of your friends spills a drink on it, that's easy too : simply use a little soapy water or a little water with white vinegar, clean the area and your fake lawn will be as good as new. 

children playing on an artificial grass soccer stadium

Sporting and ornamental artificial grass : are there differences ?

At Exelgreen, we offer a wide range of artificial grass for ornamental use to decorate all your outdoor spaces. Artificial grass for sports is often designed to withstand very intense crushing (many players playing at the same time) and with a layer of sand to ensure player safety during scrums, tackles and the like. Artificial grass for ornamental use does not require sand to be added during installation.

This type of artificial grass is also very hard-wearing, but is better suited to occasional play and to create a real, comfortable space for relaxation. A real asset for your home !

Once you've received your order and prepared your surface, you can install your artificial grass, fix it in place and enjoy it without having to wait.

Last but not least, all synthetic grass products, sport or otherwise, are designed to drain away rainwater in the event of heavy rainfall. So they can be used whatever the climatic conditions in your home.

Resistant to UV fading, Exelgreen artificial grass is highly durable and long-lasting. On average, the lifespan of an ornamental fake lawn is around fifteen years. A sports artificial grass, on the other hand, will have to be replaced more quickly, due to wear and tear and much heavier use.

artificial grass on sports field

How can I optimize my outdoor spaces with artificial grass ?

At Exelgreen, we strive to optimize the natural look. That's why we offer a wide range of top-quality artificial grass products. To create your play or relaxation area, you need to ask yourself the following questions : what's the ideal height for your artificial grass ? what's the color of the curly wires ? what's the guarantee (6, 8 or 10 years ?). Finally, what are the dimensions of your surface ? Do you want artificial grass cut to size or in pre-cut rolls ?

Once you've answered all these questions, find out which model best suits your needs.

Our premium range, including Diamond 3D and Real C 3D, is a blend of incredible realism, incomparable comfort and resilience, enabling your artificial grass to stay upright all year round.

Our 8-year warranty models include Natura and Campus. These natural-looking synthetic turfs are ideal for slightly tighter budgets, as they offer excellent value for money. Softness, resilience and density are also guaranteed.

Finally, our 6-year warranty models including Park and Stadium are the right compromise for a quality lawn at a lower price.

garden laid with artificial grass

The Rugby World Cup 2023 is the ideal opportunity to design your outdoor spaces and reflect your sporting and friendly spirit ! Discover our artificial grass products and our dedicated stock clearance range to go bargain hunting and find the perfect synthetic grass for your private rugby pitch ! Enjoy your match !

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