Exelgreen and the solidarity sports challenge : A successful team building event

Exelgreen and the solidarity sports challenge : A successful team building event

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Exelgreen has been supporting the charity Action Against Hunger for many years. In June 2023, the 14th edition of the sporting Challenge against hunger took place. Thanks to the participation of numerous companies and their 1,500 employees, a total of €350,000 was raised this year !

Summary : 

1. What is the origin of the solidarity sports challenge ?
2. What is the aim of the challenge against hunger ?
3. Exelgreen supports the humanitarian sports challenge
4. How does the challenge work ?
5. The NGO Action Contre La Faim

What is the origin of the solidarity sports challenge ?

The Action against Hunger Challenge was born in 1991, with the aim of raising awareness among the younger generation about the fight against inequality in the world. The initial idea was to launch a school run in the Paris region to raise funds for projects in Haiti. "Run for Haiti " was its first name, and the race went on to become a famous school event : 5 years later, the "Run for Haïti" race became the "Race against Hunger".

Given the scale of its success, the concept was extended to the corporate sector. Each employee, dressed in his or her company colors, registers donations for the association by taking part in one of the activities on offer.

The French Challenge against hunger is an increasingly successful event, now held once a year, the most famous being the one organized on the Parvis de la Défense in Paris. Once again this year, this sporting challenge made a lasting impression with its originality, conviviality and good humor.

spikeball and action against hunger

What is the aim of the challenge against hunger ?

It's a real challenge to find solutions to try and put an end to under-nutrition in the world. The aim of the Challenge Against Hunger, which takes place every year in Paris, Nantes and Boulogne Billancourt in France, is to promote the association by inviting companies to take part. Over the course of a few hours, teams wearing their company colors take part in a range of sports workshops, including yoga, zumba and, new for 2023, spikeball. This sports activity, which mainly simulates cardio, has brought several teams together.

For every 6 minutes of activity, or for every 1 lap of running, the association earns €10 per employee. What's more, companies are required to pay the €150 registration fee to cover organization costs. This year, the solidarity sports challenge raised €350,000 ! It's a fun day of teamwork and mutual support, played out on a beautiful artificial grass pitch on the Parvis de la Défense.

Taking part in this challenge is also an opportunity to contribute to a CSR policy, to promote sport and physical activity, and to strengthen links between company employees during a moment of sharing, exchange and conviviality. The Challenge Against Hunger is certainly the sports and charity team building event not to be missed. Last but not least, there are plenty of activities on offer on the day to appeal to the widest possible audience.

action against hunger challenge teams

Exelgreen supports the charity sports challenge

To support the event, Exelgreen is renewing its participation by donating 1200 m2 of synthetic grass (Green model) to enable athletes to practice their chosen activity !

This short artificial grass is perfect for all the sports on show. Once again, Exelgreen has donated a synthetic grass surface for the Action Against Hunger Challenges. Many corporate partners from different sectors are also involved in this cause, raising the profile of the event.

As a reminder, in 2021, Exelgreen and Action Against Hunger joined forces in a project to raise awareness of the use of water, hygiene and sanitation services and the provision of drinking water in the Parisi region of Nepal. Read our blog post to learn more about Exelgreen and Action Against Hunger's commitments.

action against hunger challenge games

How does the challenge work ?

As a company, all you have to do to take part in the event is visit the Challenge Against Hunger website and register your employees. Several turnkey packages are available for teams of 2 to 500 participants. The events take place in the Challenge Against Hunger village, and your teams will have 1h30 to take part in the sporting events of their choice.

This year, a wide range of activities will be on offer, including running, walking, cycling, yoga, spikeball and five-football. Through participative workshops, employees can also put themselves in the shoes of a humanitarian aid worker.

yoga challenge action against hunger

The NGO Action Contre La Faim

Action Against Hunger is a French humanitarian non-governmental organization (NGO) that helps fight hunger worldwide. Founded in 1979, the charity has carried out numerous actions to help prevent, detect and treat undernutrition.

Every year, Action Against Hunger activists fight to help thousands of people survive. Action Against Hunger is also an association that spans several continents, with volunteers in over 50 countries. Precariousness still affects thousands of people around the world, which is why Exelgreen supports this charity by participating in its development.

ngo action against hunger

The Challenge Against Hunger in Paris 2023 was a resounding success, mobilizing a large number of determined participants and benefiting from the support of committed partners. Thanks to this event, funds were raised to support concrete actions in the fight against hunger and raise public awareness of the issue. Exelgreen once again supported the association with the donation of its artificial turf, and hopes to do so for many years to come !

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