La Rochelle's flagship festival : Les Francofolies and Exelgreen

La Rochelle's flagship festival : Les Francofolies and Exelgreen

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Once again this year, Exelgreen is renewing its partnership with the emblematic Francofolies festival ! How did this festival come about ? How did it become famous ? And why has the Francofolies become a must-attend event ?

The Francofolies, a not-to-be-missed event

french festival and synthetic grass

Founded in 1985, the Francofolies festival is now a must-see during the month of July when visiting La Rochelle in summer. The festival was born with the aim of putting the spotlight on French chanson and enabling festival-goers to discover a host of musical talents, famous and otherwise. Its success was immediate: the attractiveness and variety of the artists on offer enabled it to reach a wide, multi-generational audience.

Thanks to its programming, the Francofolies festival has become a must-see event for French-speaking artists and all lovers of French music. The festival's name is also a tribute to French music.

38th Francofolies festival in La Rochelle

This year saw the 38th edition of the Francofolies. Every year, more than 150,000 festival-goers come together for this moment of musical sharing and conviviality. The Francofolies is also a gathering of over 80 concerts spread over 5 days. The Francofolies festival is also a federation of artists from many countries, including Canada, Reunion, Bulgaria and New Caledonia, whose aim is to promote the talents of tomorrow. Many artists have been born on the Francofolies stage.

Exelgreen is proud to support this festival and to have renewed its partnership to accompany this unmissable local event.

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How does the Francofolies festival work ?

synthetic grass on la rochelle

In 2023, the Francofolies festival took place in a very convivial atmosphere from July 12 to 16. Artists performed on La Rochelle's usual stages, including the Jean Louis Foulquier stage, La Sirène and La Coursive. More than 80 concerts took place over the festive weekend, mixing a wide range of musical styles to appeal to the majority of participants. In addition to the concerts, numerous cultural activities were offered to the public, including art exhibitions, film screenings and even unique encounters with the artists.

Caly artificial grass for a successful Francofolies festival

To support the iconic La Rochelle event and contribute to the well-being of the artists, Exelgreen supplied over 800 m2 of Caly 20 mm artificial grass.
Offering incomparable softness underfoot, Caly 20 mm is the ideal artificial grass for all types of use. Easy to lay, clean and reuse, Caly 20 mm artificial grass is the ideal synthetic surface to withstand heavy foot traffic. Extremely resilient, its short strand is ideal for event landscaping.

Artificial grass is increasingly used for trade events, fairs and booths. Permeable, Caly artificial grass will stand up to heavy rain, allowing the many performers at the Francofolies to relax on a large area of fake grass ! Exelgreen turf is present at many events.

artificial grass on a french festival

Which artificial grass to use for an event ?

artificial grass on event

Artificial grass is increasingly used to decorate many events, some of which require the use of specialized artificial grass. At Exelgreen, we offer you artificial turf that complies with safety standards such as Bfl-s1 and Cfl-S1. These fire-retardant turfs will enable you to hold your events in complete safety. The natural colors offered by Exelgreen are reminiscent of the colors of nature, such as wood, cork or snow.

Fire-rated artificial turf is suitable for a variety of outdoor events and offers extra protection against fire hazards. Fire-rated turf materials have been designed to resist the spread of flames and combustion, limiting the risk of spread in the event of an accidental fire. The practicality of artificial grass is undeniable when it comes to giving your event comfort, well-being and a unique decorative touch !

Why is artificial grass the ideal surface for your outdoor spaces ?

As you can see, artificial grass can be adapted to a wide range of projects and surfaces. Whether for an event, a stand or for ornamental use, artificial turf is undoubtedly the ideal covering when you want to green up and decorate your outdoor spaces. Numerous models of artificial grass are available on our website, allowing you to choose the shade of green you want, the number of m2 per linear centimeter, the height of the strands, the length of the warranty and even the possibility of fire-rated artificial grass for your specific needs.

To optimize the comfort of ornamental artificial grass, opt for heights of 50 mm. Thanks to its shape memory, this height of strands will provide you with great comfort as well as a result that's truer than nature. A beautiful, dense, resilient and resistant synthetic turf is possible ! Discover our premium models : Real C 3D or Diamond 3D to cover your outdoor spaces with an exceptional lawn.

artficial grass on event

Why choose Exelgreen artificial grass ?

artificial grass and the francofolies

For many years now, Exelgreen has been synonymous with quality artificial turf. Recognized as a leader in the artificial grass market, we are committed to providing our customers with exceptional artificial turf products to meet their needs. All our artificial turf products are tested by an internationally recognized research laboratory and subjected to numerous resistance tests such as tear-out, water drainage and heat resistance.

Artificial grass is an economical investment that lasts over the long term: the lifespan of a fake lawn is around 15 years. What's more, artificial grass requires very little maintenance, which is very practical for everyday use. 

Decorating your event, stand or garden with Exelgreen artificial grass is the ideal way to add comfort and a touch of green to your outdoor spaces. For the 38th edition of the Francofolies festival, we were proud to participate by supplying over 800 m2 of Caly 20 mm artificial turf !

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