How does artificial grass age in time ?

How does artificial grass age in time ?

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How does artificial grass age over time ? Are there differences between them ? Learn more here with our selection criteria, tips and tricks for a healthy and durable artificial grass.

The Exelgreen guarantee

Our permanent range is composed of 18 models, and our artificial lawns are categorized within 3 ranges: guaranteed anti-UV 6 years8 years and 10 years. Our anti-UV barrier is a guarantee that gives you an approximate idea on the number of years for which your artificial grass will keep its original color. They are given to you as an indication, the medium duration of use of our lawns is about fifteen years.

By answering 3 simple questions, we will help you make the best choice in artificial grass.

Terace with synthetic grass

What are the criteria that define the life of your artificial grass ?

Finding a quality artificial grass and durable over time requires taking into account different criteria. The quality depends on its raw material, its density, its height of strands, its softness, its resilience and finally its permeability. Exelgreen artificial grass manufactured in our factory in Belgium has been certified with the Fiber Performance Index label, a label that includes the following criteria : 

- Resilience performance
- Durability (resistance to tearing, trampling and weathering)
- Guaranteed UV protection (6, 8 or 10 years)
- Softness and feeling similar to a natural grass
- Compliance with environmental standards

All these tests were conducted in a laboratory named LABOSPORT, internationally recognized for many years in terms of innovations for testing artificial grass. Moreover, a good artificial lawn must resist the pull-out test, this resistance must reach at least 30 newtons to ensure a quality product.

Logo fiber Performance

Our artificial grass guaranteed 6 years

Guaranteed 6 years against UV, our entry-level range is accessible to all budgets and has an excellent quality/price ratio. It includes the Park and Stadium models.

To add a nice touch of green to your outdoor spaces, we are offering 3 heights of strands : 20 mm30 mm or 40 mm. For optimal durability, we recommend that you follow our guides for installation and maintenance. Important steps that will contribute to the good aging of your artificial grass.

Park 30 mm
Park 30 mm
Stadium 30 mm
Stadium 30 mm

Our artificial grass guaranteed 8 years

Our range guaranteed 8 years against UV will allow you to have an artificial lawn with a more pronounced realism. It includes the Campus and Natura models, available in 25 mm38 mm and 50 mm. You should choose the height of the strands depending on the use of your artificial grass and the desired appearance.

High strands will give you the feeling of a beautiful meadow and volume but will tend to lose its resilience. Shorter strands will give you the feel of freshly cut grass.

Our tips : If the frequency of use is high, the height of the strands of 38 mm will be ideal for a very easy maintenance, a softness and an incomparable comfort under your feet.

Our artificial grass can be adapted to all types of surfaces, soft or hard floors and to all sizes. To help you make your choice, our Exelgreen experts have assigned a rating to each of our artificial lawns, so you can choose the one that best suits your project.

Campus 38 mm
Campus 38 mm
Natura 38 mm
Natura 38 mm

Our artificial grass guaranteed 10 years

Guaranteed 10 years against UV, our premium range is incomparably realistic. Made of an assembly of strands called "3D" to recreate the beauty of nature, our Real C 3D and Diamond 3D models are perfect for enhancing all your outdoor spaces.

This range is equally suited to your balconies, terraces, gardens without the inconvenience of maintaining a real lawn. Choose between a beautiful natural green with an earthy effect or a nice light green to catch the light ?

Realc C 3D 38 mm
Real C 3D 38 mm
Diamond 3D 38 mm
Diamond 3D 38 mm

How to maintain my artificial grass ?

It is important to understand that it is often the base of the artificial grass in general that could have a tendency to be deteriorated with the years. It is therefore very important to prepare its surface and use the right accessories. Cleaning and maintaining your artificial grass will require very little effort.

For stubborn stains, we recommend you follow our tips here. As a rule, using a little water will be enough to make your artificial grass look like new.

If the frequency of use is high, we recommend the use of an electric brush or a hard broom to straighten the strands of your artificial grass when necessary. Brush the strands of your artificial grass against their orientation and it's done.

Choose an artificial lawn Exelgreen also means saving water, because our lawns do not need to be watered to stay green all year or even to be mowed. They are permeable to facilitate the evacuation of water, even in case of heavy rain.

Garden with Diamond 3D 50 mm

Exelgreen artificial grass are guaranteed against UV between 6 and 10 years but are more durable over time. They require very little maintenance, can be installed on all types of surfaces and are tested to ensure optimal quality. Exelgreen artificial grass was created to meet all types of needs to satisfy the maximum of our customers !

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