10 reasons to choose Exelgreen artificial grass

10 reasons to choose Exelgreen artificial grass

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The artificial grass Exelgreen

Exelgreen offers a wide range of artificial grass suitable for all types of landscaping. For small or large areas, in rolls or pre-cut, the hardest part will be to choose ! The Exelgreen brand represents a guarantee of quality on certified products. All our artificial turfs have been tested to offer you high quality products, suitable for all types of surfaces : balconies, terraces, gardens, etc... Choose between several colors, several heights and several densities of strands to determine the artificial grass suitable for your needs and your budget.

Garden with artificial grass

Artificial or natural grass ?

Artificial grass will require very little maintenance compared to a natural lawn. Growing a natural grass requires time, investment and appropriate equipment. With our artificial grass, you will save time and money for a lawn always green and maintained all year round. Exelgreen artificial grass does not need to be mowed or watered.

The price of our artificial grass

Exelgreen artificial grass is an economicallong-lasting and hard-wearing investment. You won't need fertilizer or watering to maintain its original appearance, which will reduce your water consumption. The artificial grass is not an energy consuming product. UV resistant, it will not fade over time and will allow you to keep your artificial grass intact for many years. Take a quick look at our products :

- For our entry-level product line, you will find the Park and Stadium models.
- For an even more natural result you will find the models : Campus and Natura
- For our premium range you will find the models : Real C 3D and Diamond 3D

And to make good deals, do not hesitate to discover our destocking range.

Artificial grass fixation

What accessories should I choose to lay artificial grass ?

To ensure the quality of the installation of your artificial turf on soft ground, we recommend the use of a geotextile. This will protect your artificial grass from the regrowth of weeds. You will find all the list of accessories necessary here following the choice of a laying on soft ground or hard ground. On a soft ground, we recommend the use of grapples to fix all the contour of your artificial grass. For a hard floor, we recommend the use of junction strips for a durable fixing but which will remain removable if needed.

Exelgreen quality first

To choose your artificial grass it is important to know its quality. We guarantee you the Exelgreen quality, leader on the artificial grass market for several years, promise of a quality product. Our manufacturing partner, the company Lano located in Belgium, is equipped with the latest generation of machines to provide you with a very high quality artificial grass.

artificial grass and garden

How to prepare the ground before laying artificial grass ?

The artificial grass is simple to install. It will suffice to prepare your ground beforehand because it is essential to lay on a cleansmooth and weeded. Exelgreen artificial grass will adapt to all your coverings and you will not necessarily need to call a professional to install it. Find our installation guides for more information and don't forget to check the slope of your floor to ensure a proper water drainage. The preparation of your ground is of great importance to maximize the durability of your artificial grass.

How is the artificial grass delivered ?

Depending on the quantity of rolls ordered, we deliver to your home by appointment. You will also find our pre-cut rolls available from our partners for your balconies or terraces (the rolls of artificial grass pre-cut are ideal for covering small areas). We deliver your rolls within 10 working days after ordering on our site and we offer delivery of our artificial grass from 99 € purchases.

synthetic turf

What are the technical characteristics of our artificial grass ?

To make your choice, you can consult the technical data sheet of the lawns and compare the choice of colors, the length of the strands, the guarantee and thus define the number of m2 necessary for your project. The density of your artificial grass as well as the length of the strands will impact on the resilience of the fibers, its comfort and softness. All our artificial grass has been tested according to these criteria and to help you, we have assigned a score out of 20 as an indication.

Artificial grass guaranteed 6, 8 or 10 years ?

All our ranges are guaranteed against UV for a period of 6, 8 or 10 years depending on the model. For a breathtaking realism, choose our models with 3D strands. Note that the lifespan of our artificial grass is an average of fifteen years. The irregularity of the assembly of its strands is undoubtedly the asset that makes the difference in choosing your artificial grass. 

artificial turf layed in a garden

Choose an artificial turf Exelgreen is choosing an artificial grass of very high quality that will allow you to create unique environments, warm and comfortable. Our artificial grass is suitable for all surfaces and can be easily installed by yourself or by professionals. Exelgreen's experts are waiting for you and remain at your disposal for all your future projects, don't hesitate anymore ! To learn more about it, discover without further delay our permanent range and our range dedicated to the destocking !

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