Best practices for a successful layout plan

Best practices for a successful layout plan

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Novice or DIY enthusiast, you are looking for answers on your questions before ordering your artificial grass ? How to make a layout around my pool for my artificial grass ? How to optimize the cuts of artificial grass on my project ? The installation of artificial grass is within the reach of all. With a lot of advice and a bit of common sense, we accompany you for a successful installation.

Summary : 

1. What is layout ?
2. Layout of my ornamental artificial grass
3. How do I create a layout plan for artificial grass ?
4. How do I determine the quantity of artificial grass to order ?
5. What accessories are required to lay artificial grass ?

A layout, but what is it ?

A layout plan is a drawing or plan of your future artificial grass layout. It will allow you to determine precisely the number of m2 of grass needed to cover your entire surface, and to estimate precisely the accessories needed for your project. This plan will also allow you to determine the best way to lay the lawn and obtain a natural and durable result. A layout plan is essential to avoid mistakes and is highly recommended to optimize your installation, especially for large projects.

layout plan

The layout of my ornamental artificial grass

Before anything else, it is important to always allow a small margin of 5% when cutting your rolls to compensate for any margin of error calculation on site. The first step is to make a hand drawing to scale of your surface. To determine the appropriate installation accessories for your artificial lawn, we invite you to discover our tutorials on soft or hard floors.

The accessories will be different depending on the type of floor. To facilitate the drawing of your plan, we advise you to use graph paper or millimeter paper (1 cm = 1 tile).

To make the real measurements of a curved ground, it is important that you consider your entire surface starting from a departure point. Then cut your project into several strips, with the furthest points from it. Keeping the number of strips to a minimum is recommended. Offcuts can be reused to fill in smaller spaces or you can use decorative gravel to customize your design (for example, to fill in a right angle).

How to make a layout plan for artificial grass ?

For all types of installation, note that it is important to lay your grass strips in the same direction on the entire surface. If this is not the case, the result of your installation will not be optimized and your artificial grass will not seem natural.

To determine it, place yourself at the place where you will observe the most your synthetic lawn and orient the strands towards you and then, unroll your rolls. Is your layout plan complex ? Send us the design and our experienced team will help you. We recommend that you order a slightly larger size of rolls to reduce the number of joints of your strips.

Sensational results are guaranteed !

Garden with artificial turf

How to determine the quantity of artificial grass to order ?

Once all the surface designed, you will only have to calculate the area of m2 needed to order your artificial grass by adding them. Discover our advice to find the artificial grass that fits your project among our permanent range.

Our artificial lawns are available in pre-cut rolls or made to measure for an even more precise cut.

For a good measure of your spaces, we recommend you to take your measurements on a flat ground, with a rigid meter and not to forget to take into account the safety margin for your cuts (Ex: instead of ordering a length of roll of 6m, recommend 6,1m.)

What are the accessories required to install artificial grass ?

Depending on the type of floor, we recommend several choices and types of accessories :

Our recommendations on soft ground :

First use a geotextile to prevent weeds from growing back. Then, use grapplers and arrange them all along your artificial turf for an invisible and durable installation over time. This is a simple and effective process. Take note that the preparation of your ground is an essential step. Indeed, it is important to level and clean your floor and remove all small detritus that would affect the appearance of the artificial grass.

For more details feel free to find all our installation guide tutorials.

Our recommendations on hard floors :

Once the cleaning and preparation of your floor done, we recommend the use of strips of junctions to fix your artificial grass. Cut them to the right size to create invisible junctions and make sure to stick your strips of artificial lawn as close to each other as possible. This fixation will remain removable if necessary and you will also have the possibility to use additional fixation patches to consolidate your installation.

Our recommendations for all types of floors :

Once your strips are measured and added, several choices of fasteners are available to you. You can use pre-glued junction strips or blank junction strips with the associated adhesive.

If you are lacking for inspiration, here are some examples of layouts to make your project unique.

Retrouvez en vidéo nos guides de pose pour les réaliser facilement.

Si vous manquez d’inspirations, voici quelques exemples d’aménagements pour rendre votre projet unique.

synthetic grass swimming pool

To successfully install your artificial grass, all steps are to be taken into consideration. The more your surface to cover will be extended, the more precise the layout plan will have to be to keep the budget set and obtain the expected result. If you are still hesitating on the choice of your artificial grass, please discover the range of our 18 permanent artificial grass, suitable for all budgets and projects !

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