Synthetic grass and drought, is it a good alternative for the environment  ?

Synthetic grass and drought, is it a good alternative for the environment ?

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Drought and water shortage, how to be ahead of the future restrictions that will surely be imposed this summer ? The water shortage is no longer a secret for anyone : this winter again, our French soils have run out of water. To limit the effects of the coming drought, restrictions are expected and it is a fact : if you do not water your natural grass, it will become unsightly, dry and brittle. What if artificial grass was a good alternative to keep a beautiful garden and save money ?

Summary : 

1. Drought and water restrictions in France
2. Why is an artificial turf pitch a good idea ?
3.How can I protect my artificial turf from drought ?
4. Will my artificial turf heat up during a drought ?
5. How do I maintain my artificial turf during a drought ?
6. Synthetic or natural turf ?
7. An artificial lawn, yes, but at what price ?
8. My artificial lawn and the cold ?

Drought and water restrictions in France

For the past few years, the world climate changes have not escaped France : rising temperatures, dry soils and lack of rainfall are increasingly worrying factors. They can indeed affect the appearance of your garden and can have serious consequences on the environment, agriculture and even some industries.

In addition, a real lawn must be watered between 10 and 15 minutes every day, imagine the volume of water needed to maintain it... Indeed, it takes about 700 m2 of water per year to water a 200 m2 plot ! This enormous consumption is neither favorable to your expenses nor to the preservation of the environment.

Nevertheless, to mitigate the drought, some solutions exist. Rainwater harvesting is one of the solutions, but it will require efforts and additional adapted material. At this very moment, 6 departments are registered by Météo-France as being on alert and the month of February ended with a 75% deficit of precipitation. Restrictions on water use are therefore expected in the coming months.

Synthetic lawn

Why is a synthetic lawn a good idea ?

Installing a synthetic grass in his garden requires almost no maintenance : it will not require watering to keep its beautiful green color ! An artificial grass is an undeniable time saver because it is a choice of durable coating that does not fear climate change.

Economical, with an excellent quality/price ratio, Exelgreen artificial grass reproduces the look and feel of natural grass to perfection. In addition, artificial grass can be laid on many surfaces, hard or soft, and the result of a beautiful lawn is immediate. No need to wait for your lawn to grow !

Finally, mowing a synthetic lawn is of no use, so it is an undeniable saving of time and energy. Having and keeping a beautiful green lawn maintained all year is easy !

How to protect my synthetic lawn from drought ?

Good news : the UV guarantees applied to all our artificial grass protect your grass from the sun's rays ! Guaranteed for 6, or 10 years, our models have been designed to meet all our customers' projects. These indices are the guarantee that your synthetic lawn will not fade during the given period. Please note that this information is given as an indication because the life of an artificial grass is about fifteen years, depending on your own aesthetic criteria.

Our conviction ? To be able to offer you exceptional products, at all prices with well-defined criteria : the height of the strands, the color, the guarantee and the choice of delivery.

Synthetic grass and sun protect

Will my synthetic lawn heat up during a drought ?

Like any flooring, artificial grass will heat in contact with the sun, dryness or not. However, the quality of the fibers and its origin is a key point not to be overlooked : a good quality fake grass is synonymous with a comfortable lawn and that even in summer.

Moreover, even if it retains heat slightly, you will still be able to walk barefoot on it. Installing shaded areas with an umbrella or awning can help you cool your synthetic lawn and reduce its exposure to the sun.

Last tip : even if your lawn does not require water, watering it lightly can be useful to keep it cool (on average you will gain 5 to 10 degrees).

How to maintain my synthetic lawn in case of drought ?

As explained previously, there is no particular maintenance to be done to keep its natural aspect. Nevertheless, brushing its strands in the opposite direction of the installation once or twice a year is recommended. Simply use a hard bristle broom or an artificial grass brush and you're done. Gardening chores such as mowing or watering will no longer be part of your daily routine !

If you want a short lawn, opt for our models between 20 and 30 mm, and for more comfort, opt for our long strand models between 30 and 50 mm.

Remember : A synthetic lawn is synonymous with saving time and energy. Finally, if the area is small, simply use a vacuum cleaner to remove small debris as you would in your home.

garden and synthetic grass

Synthetic grass or natural grass ?

What you need to remember : a synthetic lawn is very easy to maintain, a wide range of possibilities is available to you and it will remain intact for many years. An artificial grass is not as slippery as a natural grass in case of rain, they are more resistant to a regular frequency of passage and less subject to discoloration due to the sun. The natural grass becomes quickly muddy in case of rain what will not be the case for an artificial grass.

The sunshine to keep its beautiful green color is also not a criteria. You can lay it during the period of the year that suits you but know that artificial grass is easier to handle outside of very cold periods. You will also be pleased to learn that artificial grass are also friends of our animals, safe and very easily washable in case of small accident (for a gentle cleaning, a little water mixed with soap is sufficient).

You can install your synthetic turf on any surface: balconiesterraces, roof terraces and enjoy your exteriors with peace of mind.

A synthetic lawn yes, but what is the price ?

The price of our artificial grass can vary depending on the model chosen, its guarantee and the height of the strands desired. Making a layout plan beforehand is a useful step to avoid making mistakes about the right quantity to order. Don't forget that the totality of your surface as well as the direction of installation is to be taken into consideration ! Our experts will be able to help you make a custom quote. 

Artificial turf summer garden

My synthetic lawn and the winter ?

Regarding the natural climatic conditions related to the cold, know that your synthetic lawn will also be resistant. To keep it intact, avoid walking on it in case of frost to avoid breaking the strands. If necessary, remove the snow layer with a rubber shovel to avoid any damage. You should also know that our artificial grass is permeable and has been designed to drain rainwater, even in case of heavy rain.

Finally, the durability of your lawn will also depend on the care you take in preparing your land. It is important to check the proper drainage of water and lay your artificial grass on a flattened surface, clean and weeded. To learn more, I invite you to read our recommendations here.

Acquiring a high quality artificial grass, made in Europe will avoid unpleasant surprises and allow you to enjoy your beautiful green lawn all year round. Join the community of "Artificial grass lovers" to create a greener, more sustainable and economical environment by discovering our permanent range and our clearance range !

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