Why choose artificial grass for destocking ?

Why choose artificial grass for destocking ?

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Artificial grass from clearance is an excellent alternative for landscaping outdoor spaces on a budget. At Exelgreen, we offer a wide range of artificial grass products to suit every project, whether large, small or unusual. Our experts will help you choose the right artificial grass for your needs and your budget !

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1. What are the differences between our synthetic grass in stock ?
2. How to choose a good-quality, inexpensive artificial grass ?
3. Which artificial grass is the most economical ?
4. Can my off-the-shelf grass be installed on any surface ? 
5. How do I maintain my destocked artificial grass ?
6. How do I choose my Exelgreen artificial grass ?

What are the differences between our artificial grass in clearance ?

Artificial grass on clearance is not synonymous with poor quality - on the contrary. They are often reduced-price artificial grasses from our former permanent collections, but also models previously offered in garden centers or to garden professionals. Our destocked artificial grasses are available cut to size, in full rolls or pre-cut rolls, for example 1m x 3m, 1m x 5m, 2m x 3m or 2m x 5m.

Pre-cut rolls are ideal for covering small surfaces such as balconies or terraces. Custom rolls, on the other hand, can be adapted to any project, since we can cut them to size. Several shades of green or strand lengths are available for our off-the-shelf rolls.

artificial grass on a garden

How to choose a cheap but good quality artificial grass ?

Choosing your low-cost but high-quality artificial grass is easy. As with our permanent ranges, you'll need to decide on the height and color you want, calculate the surface area of your project to be covered and choose from our available models.

In our stock clearance range, you'll find top-quality artificial grass, as we offer our latest rolls for sale, or very attractive value-for-money offers on our shorter turf models.

Please note, however, that once you've selected your artificial grass, don't wait too long before finalizing your order. Our offers are limited in time, and when stocks run out, they are not renewed. To help you choose, our experts have rated the turfs out of 20 according to their softness, resilience, comfort and guarantee.

Artificial grass on a small garden

Which artificial grass is the most economical ?

Like all our artificial grass products, destocked turf is an economical outdoor covering. The lifespan of our artificial grass is generally around ten years, even for our destocked models. Our 5 to 10-year UV guarantee ensures that your artificial grass will not fade over the years.

Depending on our stock clearance models, several warranty options are available, but as previously stated, these are subject to stock availability. Our aim is to offer you top-quality artificial grass, even at reduced prices !

What's more, artificial grass doesn't need watering or mowing to keep it looking beautiful all year round. These are also savings you can factor into your final budget. If you wish, you can invest in an electric brush for artificial grass, or simply brush it with a stiff-bristled broom.

Artificial grass on a garden with a tree

Can my destocked lawn be installed on any surface ?

It's a question we're often asked by our customers : the good news is that your artificial grass, whether in stock or not, can be installed on almost any type of ground ! Balconies, gardens, roof terraces and even indoors, for example at an event or to decorate a stand !

Be sure to calculate your surface area before ordering your artificial grass, and if you need a lawn with flame-retardant properties, that's also possible. All stock rolls of turf must be laid in the same direction, even around a swimming pool.

It's easy to determine which way you want to lay it : stand where you'll be looking at your false grass most often and unroll it. Once installed, like any other artificial grass, all you have to do is brush it in the opposite direction to enjoy it.

Artificial grass on a garden

How do I care for my artificial grass purchased from clearance sales ?

Maintaining your artificial grass is child's play. To straighten the blades, all you need is a stiff broom or an electric brush. To clean it, sprinkle the dirty spot with soapy water or water mixed with white vinegar, rinse it and it will eliminate the stain and its unpleasant odors.

For thorough dusting, you can simply wait for it to rain, or use a low-pressure jet. As well as being an economical, affordable covering that you can keep for many years, artificial grass is the ideal outdoor covering to say goodbye to many of the chores and constraints of everyday life, especially when it comes to maintaining your outdoor spaces.

Artificial grass on a nice garden

How to choose your Exelgreen artificial grass ?

Exelgreen classifies its artificial grass models according to the following criteria : strand height, shades of green, warranty periods and models in the permanent or clearance range. Note that artificial grass density is a criterion to be taken into account to optimize the feeling of comfort. The higher the strand, the more comfortable it will feel to the touch.

Short artificial grass requires very little brushing once installed. Our turf products are also available in a range of strand heights, in pre-cut rolls or cut to size.

To discover our permanent range, you can order our sample box. You'll receive a preview of all 18 models, making your choice much easier.

arttificial grass on terace

Buying artificial grass from stock or from our permanent range has many advantages. Artificial grass is durable, solid, economical and, above all, affordable. Exelgreen artificial grass is a quality product that will enhance all your outdoor spaces, so why not fall for one of our models ?

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