Why should you buy an artificial grass brush ?

Why should you buy an artificial grass brush ?

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Why should you buy an artificial grass brush ? The answer is simple : it will enable you to maintain your artificial lawn easily and effortlessly. Want to find out more ? Follow the guide.

What's the best brush for artificial grass ?

The best lawn brush depends on your needs and the surface you have to treat. Not all brushes have the same features, autonomy or power! Our cordless electric brush, for example, is an invaluable aid for effortlessly straightening the blades of your artificial grass without damaging them. Its handles are adjustable and it recharges in just 4 hours. It's important to note that our brush is not a vacuum cleaner, but a brushing machine.

The use of a lawn brush is very practical for straightening your artificial turf quickly and easily. Finally, there are alternatives to lawn brushes, such as hard-bristled brooms like road-mender's brooms. These fairly soft brooms can restore your artificial grass to its former glory.

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How do I straighten my lawn with an artificial grass brush ?

To straighten your artificial turf with a brushcutter, simply switch it on and use it like a broom. Its rotating brush will automatically straighten the blades of your lawn. Don't forget that it's important to optimize its action by brushing your lawn in the opposite direction to unrolling, whatever your project or surface. Some brushers are also available as small mowers. Our cordless brush is very practical, as it can be used like a cordless broom, and is highly ergonomic.

For large surfaces, we recommend you carry an extra spare battery just in case, as its autonomy doesn't exceed 25 minutes. We advise you to wear eye protection when using this tool. 

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Should you clean your lawn brush ?

As with any appliance, regular maintenance will prolong the life of your cordless lawn brush. When necessary, and when your brush is cool, remove excess bristles and any debris, then clean the brush with a soft, damp cloth. It's important to remove the battery pack from your brush before cleaning. As with a road sweeper, it is imperative to use your brush in dry weather. If you use it in the rain or on very damp ground, it will cause serious damage to your brush.

In addition, please ensure that your brush is only used on artificial turf, as any other use could damage it or render it unusable. Also, be sure not to use abrasive cleaning products. Regular maintenance of your brush will guarantee its durability and ensure that you always have a beautiful, well-kept lawn.

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How much does a cordless electric brush cost ?

The price of a cordless lawn brush depends on its features and options. The average range is between €150 and €400 for a suction brush.Our electric brush is priced at €149.95, with free 10-day delivery direct to your door. If you wish to purchase an additional battery, please add €39.95.

A cordless brush is an essential accessory for maintaining your artificial lawn. On average, and depending on the frequency of use, we recommend one or two passes per year. Of course, you can increase this frequency if you deem it necessary.

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Is the electric brush suitable for all lawn heights ?

Whatever the height of your artificial grass, you can clean it with an electric brush. Don't limit yourself to choosing a short lawn if you dream of a thick, dense result !

This is possible with some of our models, such as the Diamond in 38 mm or 50 mm. It's also important to note that a resilient fake lawn will require less maintenance than a lawn with fine strands. In general, these synthetic turfs are very soft, but require a little more brushing than resilient artificial grass.

Artificial grass in the garden

How easy is it to lay artificial grass ?

Laying artificial grass yourself sometimes requires a little thought, but most of our customers do it themselves. If your project seems insurmountable, it's entirely possible to call on one of our landscaping partners to carry out the installation. They'll provide you with a turnkey offer including price, site preparation if necessary, the chosen artificial grass and installation. Having artificial grass laid by a professional is more expensive than doing it yourself, but sometimes necessary depending on your project.

Please note that artificial grass is easy to cut with a cutter, that rolls can be ordered almost to size, and that we can help you with your layout. Drawing your layout plan freehand can help you order the right dimensions. It's important to take into account the direction of installation : your rollers must all be laid in the same direction to achieve a natural, long-lasting result.

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How do I choose my artificial grass ?

To choose your artificial grass, you'll need to consider a number of criteria and rank them according to their importance. Do you prefer light or dark green artificial grass ? Will it be used frequently ? Will it be laid on a hard or soft surface ? What UV protection do you need ? Do you have a preference for strand height ?

Note that the higher the strand, the greater the frequency of brushing if you walk on it a lot. Bristle heights between 30 and 40 mm are ideal for combining comfort, ease of maintenance and natural results. Bristle heights between 20 and 25 mm will give you the impression of a very short lawn. Finally, 50 mm bristle heights give the impression of a very dense, full lawn.

Artificial grass

Acquiring an electric brush to maintain your artificial turf is an excellent solution for keeping it in perfect condition with ease ! Take a look at our artificial grass collection and our cordless brush, and let's create greener environments together !

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