Can artificial grass be laid during the autumn/winter season ?

Can artificial grass be laid during the autumn/winter season ?

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Yes, it's perfectly possible to lay artificial grass during the autumn-winter season ! There are even a number of advantages, such as even faster shipping than in the high season, and more convenient gluing !

What are the advantages of laying my false grass in winter ?

There are many advantages to laying false grass in winter ! In spring, many customers order artificial grass to prepare their garden for summer. But it's also the busiest time for orders, and by laying your false grass in winter, you'll avoid the possible but rare delays or inconveniences associated with this influx. What's more, you'll be able to take your time choosing the model that best suits your project, and you may even benefit from exceptional promotions.

What's more, you're sure to have your garden, balcony or terrace ready for next summer ! Then, especially in autumn, the vegetation stops growing, making it easier to prepare your soil. The soil will remain loose and easy to work, and if you want to call in professionals, their address books will obviously be less full in autumn-winter than in midsummer.

Last but not least, laying your false grass in winter is guaranteed to avoid any unwanted traces of mud in your home and keep your shoes clean !

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How do i lay my false grass in winter ?

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Firstly, as with any season, laying false grass in winter requires some preparation. Before choosing the false grass of your dreams, we recommend that you prepare your hard or soft surface thoroughly. All surfaces must be clean, levelled and weeded. Make sure you've checked for proper drainage, as rainfall is more frequent in autumn-winter, to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Once you've prepared your surface, the steps for laying your false grass remain the same, whatever the weather conditions: it's best to lay your false grass on a day without rain, unroll it on your geotextile, make the joints and then fix your false grass to the ground with the appropriate fasteners.

Note that a false grass with a taller blade will require slightly more maintenance, but will be much more comfortable than a short lawn.

See our installation guides or our blog articles for more details on laying your artificial grass.

What are the risks of laying my false grass in winter ?

Another piece of good news is that there's no risk of laying your false grass in winter ! Sometimes it's even easier to lay your false grass in winter than in summer. For example, dry weather can make your loose soil difficult to work, and if you need to make joints, resin glues are more sensitive to heat (they dry out more quickly). As you can see, laying false grass in winter is perfectly feasible, and is sometimes easier in autumn-winter than in summer.

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How do i maintain my artificial lawn in winter ?

In winter or autumn, your false grass may require a little more maintenance than in dry seasons. If a lot of dead leaves land on your artificial grass, simply use a blower to clean them off. Be careful, however, that the blower is not too powerful, so as not to damage the blades of your false grass.

In the event of heavy rain, simply wait for your false grass to dry naturally. You'll be surprised to find that artificial grass generally dries faster than natural grass ! In the event of winter frost, simply avoid walking on your false grass. To remove the snow, use a rubber shovel to avoid damaging it and to remove excess snow.

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Can you walk on artificial grass in winter ?

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It's perfectly possible to walk on your artificial lawn in winter. But as explained above, we still recommend that you avoid walking on it when it freezes. Artificial grass is a very hard-wearing material, but to preserve its original appearance and avoid breaking the strands, it's best not to use it in extreme weather conditions. If you have no choice, in the event of frost, use a rubber shovel to clean it as you would snow.

Can artificial grass withstand heavy rain ?

Unlike natural grass, artificial grass is perfectly suited to rainy environments or heavy rain in winter. All our artificial turf products have been designed to be permeable and to evacuate the equivalent of 60 ml per hour ! Numerous small holes have been drilled in the back of our false grass to enable it to drain rainwater easily and in large quantities. Our artificial lawns can be laid around swimming pools, are not dependent on climatic changes and are very easy to clean.

In conclusion, laying false grass in your garden, even in winter, is undoubtedly the easiest way to make your daily life easier, while enjoying the benefits of a solid, durable, comfortable and attractive covering.

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How do I calculate the quantity of artificial grass required for my project ?

If you want to lay your false grass in winter, you'll need to calculate and lay out your project. To do this, you need to take into account the entire surface to be covered. Making a freehand layout plan can help you work out what you'll need.

We recommend that you allow for a small safety margin when making your cuts (especially in very sunny regions, artificial grass can shrink slightly). You can also save the clippings from your false grass if you need to fill in cut-outs, or if your false grass gets damaged by accident.

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Why choose Exelgreen artificial grass ?

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Choosing to install Exelgreen false grass is a real guarantee of quality. As a pioneer in the artificial turf market for many years, we are committed to providing you with top-quality products, manufactured in Europe and with a reputation that's second to none.

Exelgreen makes over 20,000 deliveries a year in Europe, and we also manufacture and test our artificial turf products. Our teams of experts are on hand from initial contact right through to delivery. We offer a wide range of false grass models to suit all budgets, in a variety of heights, colors and shapes. Why not try our NaturaCampus or Diamond 3D models ?

There's no doubt about it, laying a false grass lawn in winter offers many advantages, and is certainly the best way to prepare your garden before the flood of orders in spring. Discover the models in our permanent range and our clearance models now ! For further advice, don't hesitate to contact our teams. We'll be delighted to advise you.

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